Who's that girl?

To the awesome person reading this,

WelcomeI am thrilled that you're here.

Truth be told, I am still discovering who I am, but let's start with the basic.

My name is Lorraine, a 20-something maiden from the Philippines now based in Singapore as an IT Analyst Programmer. I like to think of myself as a rainbow in disguise fumbling my way through the world, always wondering and wandering. I have so much kwentos in me. Ever since I was a child, I always find comfort in weaving words together, and putting my pen to works, or the digital ink that is. 

This blog was born out of my fancy to document my little musings and recollections about the (mis)adventures, places, food, books, experiences, bliss, chaos that our vast universe had offered and has to offer; about seeking love and passion in all the wrong and right places. Finding solace mostly in traveling, reading books, taking photos, writing, and playing ukuelele (sometimes guitar)—here is where I un-clutter some of the things I hold dear to my heart.

I am by no means an expert on anything, but allow me to share my bliss and comfort to you through this personal fortress of mine; how I marvel this beautiful world with my own inquisitive eyes; how I fumble my way through this roller coaster that is life. 

And through this, hopefully, I can encourage you to do the same — to live a life full of stories to tell. After all, when we grow old, don't we want to tell our grandchildren how we aged gracefully and charmingly?

Always for love, all ways,