The Game Over

by - July 27, 2016

But darling, please know that I am tired.

I am tired of all the late night, senseless yet idyllic conversations that we share; of all the butterflies you seem to put in my stomach every time you tell me something not even sweet, but rather just plain funny; of all the flowers that grow in my lungs and although, they are beautiful, darling I cannot breathe. I am tired of you drawing all the plans that never even came into real life colors.

You have drained all the hopes in me - that perhaps in some distant near future, you shall make it as clear as the after-rain sky, that you and me should be together somehow.

Mine, maybe, is an old-fashioned heart that still believes in the art of waiting. But, darling, it still can get weary and exhausted. I don't know what we are and I mostly don't know what we will become.

So I am stopping here while I still have little guard left. I am stopping here while I still can. Possibly not today or tomorrow, but I am giving up on you now. Perhaps this is what they call the game over.

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