Phuket, Thailand 2016 | Travel Vlog

by - July 24, 2016

You see, one of the advantages of being in Singapore is that fares to neighbouring countries are cheaper than coming from the Philippines. So my friends and I decided to go to Phuket for a quick summer getaway exactly a month ago. 

Before we went there, the weather forecast was always rainy with thunderstorm so I wasn't really excited about this trip. Surprisingly, it was all the way sunny and humid during our four-day stay. We also thought that it was already off-peak season so less tourists would be there. But it was the other way around. Lol. The beach during our island hopping was soooo jam packed.

Juggling between being full time Analyst Programmer and wanting to be a nomad - jet setting and gypsying the world, or at  least for me, I am. This Phuket trip, nevertheless, was precisely what we needed to get away from the city's bustling life.

Here are some quick snippets from our trip. Enjoy!

Side Note: I would still choose Palawan over Phuket. Philippine islands are truly incomparable. :)

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