Le Petite France

by - July 01, 2016

Should you know me personally, then you would know how big fan I am of The Little Prince. So imagine my excitement when I learnt about this theme park in the province of Gyeonggi, Korea that exhibits our tiny adorable friend. It is called Le Petite France - a French cultural village located in Korean countryside.
From Nami Island, we took the shuttle bus tour going to Le Petite France. Check my post here for more details on how to go to Le Petite France. The entrance costs 8000Won - roughly around 10SGD or 300PHP. Very cheap, right?

Entrance to Le Petite France
Hello The Little Prince
Experienced a breath of Europe with these Mediterranean style structures.
Antiques Flea Market "Antika" - displays and sells various kinds of antiques.
An antique display at one of the Traditional French Houses in Le Petite France
The French house which is over 200 years old was brought and reassembled in Korea.

Beautiful porcelain display inside the traditional French house.

Did you know that Le Petite France was one of the filming locations of the well-known Korean drama "My Love from Another Star"? :)

Le Petite France's amphitheater where special performances are held. Lucky for us, there was a hand puppet show when we were there!
Saint Exupery Memorial Hall
The Saint Exupery Memorial Hall was established by executing a license agreement with the only Saint Exupery Foundation in Korea. Inside the hall are some Exupery's memorabilias, various kinds of his works and Petite Prince's characters.
All the drawings from the book. Instantly fell in love to this wall.
Giant Baobabs


A shelf of The Little Prince's book in many languages
There was a shelf containing The Little Prince's books written in different languages. I was actually looking for one written in Filipino but there's none. Now, it's in my wish list to have a copy of The Little Prince in Filipino.

Scattered around the village are depictions of each characters in the book.

Behind us is the Théâtre de l'Étoile - a space where everyone at all ages, male or female, can enjoy some performances and special puppet "Marionette".

View from Pond de Fabre - a bridge connecting Butterfly Park and an observatory.
May I just add how every spot in Le Petite France is perfect as an OOTD background? Lol

An outdoor cafe that sells Korean food.

I would have appreciated Le Petite France more if there were English translations on their exhibits. Nevertheless, my Little Prince heart was more than satisfied roaming around the theme park.

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