Bali Travel Diary : Seminyak & Bali Eats

by - April 06, 2018

Keeping up with the sequel of our Cebu trip last year, we went to Bali for 4 days last March. Pam and Alvie flew from Manila, whilst I flew from Singapore. Our first day/night was spent in Ubud. Then we stayed in Seminyak for the remaining days.

Apparently, we didn't get to to try surfing, which I would blame to our lazy asses. Lol So here's what went down on our second and last day in Bali.

Pro Tip : If you're a party goer, then stay in Kuta (although there are also decent bars around Seminyak too). But if you prefer exploring cafes and restaurants, then stay in Seminyak.

Where we Stayed

Tijili Hotel Seminyak

I had two things in mind when I was looking for our accommodation. First, it should be either beach front or near the beach. Second, it should be affordable but still cozy. Both of which were satisfied by Tijili Hotel—a stylish boutique hotel located in the touristy town of Seminyak. It was only less than 10-minute walk to the beach. 

Their bar serves good and cheap food, that we actually chose to have room service on our second night, rather than going out, and roaming around the streets. Plus, their lap pool with a relaxing pool lounge area is so chill and inviting. Even their elevator was really nice, and colorful.

Where We (I) Went & Eat

Tanah Lot Temple

An aged-old shrine located on top of a rock formation in the midst of the ocean, with all the crashing waves down below it. Tanah Lot Temple is one of the very famous temple in Bali, as it shines more beautifully during sunset. However, we were not able to see it during sunset due to, well, time constraints.

La Plancha Bali

Picture this—sitting at the sea shore with an iced cold beer in your hand while watching the sunset, with colorful beanbags and parasols everywhere. That's what La Plancha Bali could actually offer. Although, it could get a bit uncomfortable due to humid weather, it's still up to the person to enjoy what is being presented. La Plancha Bali serves Spanish cuisine, and an assortment of drinks from wine to cocktails to Bali's infamous Bintang beer.

Pro Tip : Go here before sunset to secure a perfect spot. And don't forget to bring your sunglasses as the sun could get really dazzling. Lol

I had always a thing for sunsets. And as much as possible, I make it a point to always watch a sunset to wherever place I am exploring. Bali's sunset is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. (Or probably any sunset at the beach for that matter.)

Sea Circus Cafe Bali

Seminyak town is boasting with a lot of (I must say this) instagrammable cafes. My friends' flight was earlier than mine, so I had a whole day to spare. And what better way to kill time than to eat.

From the name itself, it is far from being a circus but an actual cafe rather. The outer exterior with all its wild colours looks to be very interesting. It is pretty small, though. They serve sheer variety of healthy, Mexican cuisine which I actually really, really like that I had to take a photo of the menu and make the same at home. Lol

Even their toilets were quirky, and interestingly decorated.

Note : Sea Circus Balis just a stone throw away to Motel Mexicola—another widely known restaurant in Bali. I didn't got to try it as I opted to relax and get a body massage instead. :)

La Laguna Bali 

Situated in the far side area of Seminyak, right at Canggu beach, La Laguna Bali is another must-try restaurant. It has its own rusty and hippie feels. Then of course, you can enjoy your dinner with a view of the setting sun right in front of you.

It's pretty secluded, and you may have a hard time going here if you're alone. But still worth a try. 

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