Lakawon Island : A Chill Pill in Negros

by - March 20, 2018

You cannot imagine how happy we were when the sun decided to finally show up. This trip won't be complete without at least peeking into the island life, even for just a day. So after two days being stuck in the city, we went straight to Lakawon Island, a banana-shaped island located at the northern most part of Negros Occidental.

Lakawon Island was indeed one of the treasures of Negros province. With its white sand beach and pristine blue waters, no doubt the island was perfect for a laid back getaway (which is exactly what we were looking for). But I think, as with most of the places I've been, Lakawon Island has still its highs and lows.

It has a family-owned resort called Lakawon Island Resort and Spa. You can spend an overnight, or just a day tour like what we did. There's not really much you can do around the island except for a few water activities. Or maybe we visited during an off season. The resort is not yet fully developed as there were still where construction on-going. Nevertheless, this beauty is still worth-visiting.
Wonder what happened last night to left a few cases of beer right at the shore. Must be a good party.
Although, undoubtedly there are a lot of picturesque spots around the island.

Like, this swing. That I think is definitely made for couples two girls having the time of their lives.

There's the other swing sets—A Desperately Lonely Swing Set that Needs Loving Home. Oh no, wait. A Lonely Vaguely Swing Set that Seeks Butts of Tourists, or pwede rin Feet of Tourists. (You know what I'm talking about if you're a John Green fan.) Kidding aside, another instagrammable spot.

The foot bridge leading to the port, that's probably good for couples chasing each other like those from romantic cheesy films. Pero dahil sa sobrang init, eh never mind na lang.

Perhaps our favorite spot at the island, 'under the footbridge'. Just because, mainit.


Last but not the least is the iconic Lakawon island signage made from wood (to which I initially read as "Lakamon" :)

Another something to experience at the island is the Tawhai Floating Bar, which is considered as the largest floating bar in Asia. It's literally floating right in the middle of the sea, so that actually makes the experience unique.

The place is literally a chill pill, with scattered colorful bean bags everywhere. You can sit at the edge, blankly stare at the vastness of the ocean, and ponder about life. Or jump out of the sea, and tlet waves take you (with a lifevest of cours). Or maybe think what really brought you there in the first place, or what exactly have you been doing with your life. Or better yet, buy an iced cold beer and give a little less f*ck about anything, because truth be told, life should be lived excitingly. No one gets out of it alive, anyway.

How to go to Lakawon Island

From Bacolod City, go to North Bus Terminal and ride a bus going to Cadiz City. Drop off at Martesan terminal. Then take a tricycle going to the port at Brgy. Cadiz Viejo. From there, you need to register and pay for the entrance fee, where a pumpboat will take you to the island.


  •  Bus 105php/pax AC
  • Tricycle to port : 120php (special trip, will not wait for other passengers)
  • Pump Boat : 150php/pax (roundtrip)
  • Entrance Fee : 140php/pax
  • Terminal Fee : 20php/pax
  • Tawhai Floating Bar : 250php/pax

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