Postcards from Phuket, Thailand

by - September 19, 2017

To some, it's just water. But to me, it's where I regain my sanity and get lost in the thrill of it all. xx

I am a firm believer that spontaneity and travel could actually come hand in hand. And the results? Raw experiences that are a lot less complicated. It was like one day, I didn't have any plans another SG's long weekend and the next thing I knew, I'm going to Phuket (for the second time) with like-minded impulsive friends, friends of friends whom I never met before, and with no definite plans at all.

This trip was short, but it was nothing short of all the fun we had in Patong Beach's liveliest party zone; under Phi Phi Islands' scorching heat of the sun; and, in the calming shorelines of Kata Beach.

I am running out of words on how to describe it. Let the photos speak for itself.

PS: Watch all the fun on our travel video here!

Thai dishes are indeed among the most delicious, and tastiest Asian cuisine. Go to Blue Horizon - Top Quality Thai food in Patong beach. Their pad thai is the best.

We stayed at Palmyra Patong Resort which is conveniently located near the beach front.

You know you had a good time, when the pictures are all out focus and blurry. Haha

Sawadee kap from McDo!

Pay 100baht and stay in the bar hanging for two minutes then you won a bottle of beer. He didn't even stayed for 5 seconds because the bar was very slippery. Lol

We ordered this bucket of cocktail that tasted like cough syrup. Haha No one wants to drink it, so we had to play and who loses will drink it straight for 5 seconds.

On our second day, after an hour of foot massage, we went to Kata beach - located 20 minutes away from the noise of Patong beach. We played patintero and agawan-base with the backdrop of the setting sun. 90's kids combine! Hahaha

On our third day, we went island hopping. Unfortunately, Maya Bay was not included on our itinerary. We were only able to view it from afar. Last year, it was overly crowded by tourists but this time, it looks quiet.



2016 vs 2017 - Still the same negra lakwatsera that I am. Haha

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