Tagaytay Day Out with Family

by - August 20, 2017

My family is the type who prefers going to a mall for window-shopping or to a city for sight seeing rather than going to the beach and unwind. They say they don't want to stress themselves preparing food or whatsoever for an outing. (I wonder 'san ko nakuha yung pagiging lakwachera ko. Haha)

Anyway, since my Tita was scheduled for a vacation from Saudi, I urged her to treat us to a family day out. Surprisingly, she said yes on the condition na half kami sa expenses.  So before she could changed her mind, I quickly book  a ticket from SG going home. I told her "Dapat matuloy 'to or else sayang uwi ko." Hahaha 

(But really, I just needed a quick getaway to get my sanity back or else I'm gonna go crazy living the expat life.)

Finally, after my weeks of anticipation, it was a fine weathered Saturday morning we went to Tagaytay and spent the whole day together taking pictures, eating, and 'shopping'.
We left home as early as 5:00 in the morning and reached Nasugbu just in time for sunrise. 
Our first stop is the Caleruega church.

From Caleruega church, we went to The Flower Farm where one of my Tita works. It was actually not in the plan, kasi sabe nya wala naman daw 'tanim' for that season. But wala na sya nagawa because we insisted on going. :) (And also, why do you call it The Flower Farm if there are no flowers, right? Hehe)

Heavy downpour started to fall when we were at The Flower Farm so we opted not going to Sky Ranch. Fortunately, the rain stopped after a few minutes then we headed to People's Park. (Ano ba yan? Puro sightseeing. Haha)

When you're trying to get a decent photo, but the wind just won't let you so you act like it's all natural. Haha
I super like this candid photo, Danna was like saying "Ate, alis ka dyan, ako naman magpi-picture. Haha"
Okay, so here's a noticeable fact. Female genes are obviously dominant in my family (mother's side) We are like 90% girls. Yes, girl power! Kuya is the nag-iisang apo na lalaki. So imagine, how the natural kaartehan runs in the family and whenever we post group photos, people always tease us, "Oh, sinong pinakamaganda?" Hahaha 

Who did it better? The Porillo version. Haha

Of course, I won't go down without a fight. :P 

Inay wearing my dress. Haha 
Thou shall not miss bulalo whenever in Tagaytay, right? So we went to Leslie's for lunch where Taal volcano felt like a stone-throw away.

BULALOwin. :)
The Mother. ❤︎

After lunch, rain started pouring again so we were not able to go to Picnic Grove. Gusto ko pa naman mag-zipline. It's been ages since my last. In any case, we drive away to Nuvali to do some shopping. I wasn't able to take pictures because I was so exhausted already.

It was definitely a day well spent even though the weather did not permitted us all the way through. Hopefully, we could get to do something like this more often. And by the end of that day, my heart was so full.

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