Coldplay - AHFOD Tour in SG

by - April 24, 2017

I'm pretty sure I have said (written) this before, probably on my old blog or journal. There are music or songs that could give you profound emotions, could make you feel infinite, fathomless, immeasurable. And I believe, Coldplay music belongs to that category.

Coldplay is not just about the music or the melody or the rhythm. Personally, it's the lyrics of their songs that I liked the most - the seemingly unimaginable metaphors and paradoxes. Even without the sound itself, it is like poetry written in a fascinating way.

The Scientist was the first Coldplay song introduced to me when I was in college. Along with Fix You, I remember being so broken hearted while crying to these songs. (Pambansang emo song kasi, di ba?) I remember playing it repeatedly (kahit ang sobrang sakit na. Lol) until I couldn't cry any more, until my eyes were so swollen already.

That's how I became a fan of Coldplay.

When they announced their Asian leg of AHFOD tour, I was more than excited - I HAVE TO GET TICKETS WHATEVER IT TAKES. But nobody said it was easy, tickets ran out as fast as we could afford. That time, I was already considering going to Taiwan or Korea or Japan just to watch the concert. I was that desperate. And when all hope was lost, they announced that there will be a Day 2 in SG. (Technically, it wasn't Day 2 because it happened a day before Day 1.) Finally, we got PEN A Standing tickets. As early as November, I was already so hyped about the concert.

On the day itself, I only worked half-day at the office just so I can queue early. Lines started to build up at around 11am but the gates only opened at around 6pm. We were there already at 1:30pm. And yes, we queued and waited for almost 5 hours. Surprisingly, I didn't get bored at all. Maybe it's because of the concert vibes and my HS friend, whom I didn't see for more than a year, coming along. 

Side Story: Out of all the 50000 fans who lined up, I saw my ex's sister. Actually, it was she who saw and called me. We talked and catch up for a while, just before the heavy downpour. I just find it a little amusing. Lol

Despite getting all soaked up while in the queue, it didn't make the concert less exciting, much more when the gate opened and we finally got our flashing wristband. 

Seriously, I really didn't imagine that I would get to see Coldplay live. I thought I could only watch their concerts on the internet or I have to go to Europe to watch and hear them play. The concert was not only a feast to the ears, it was also a feast to the eyes. The colorful confetti that have stuck to our sweaty bodies, jumping and dancing to almost every tune, singing along even with the wrong lyrics, the bouncing balloons they have showered passing from one person to another. It was definitely a night to remember.

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