Tioman Island, Malaysia

by - February 06, 2017

When you have a corporate job that requires you to work 5 days a week (or sometimes even 6-7 days a week) and stay in an office for 8 hours a day, having free long weekend is indeed a bliss. It's either you stay at home and get bored to death or go out of town. And of course, as much as possible, I always choose the latter. 

We initially didn't had any plans for CNY holiday. But as the day came closer, I realized, "Shet, sayang holiday. Singapore will be like a ghost town on CNY." So I started bugging Cindy that we have to go somewhere else. But I was so busy with work to start planning and all the air fare tickets were sky-high priced already. Then there are my friends who are all so lazy to make plans. (They'd rather play Mobile Legends at home. Lol) 

Luckily, some of our officemates (from another team) were also looking for a place to go. One suggested Tioman Island and that's it. In a snap, we all agreed to go to the island and started all the bookings.

Days before the trip, it kept on raining and I was really praying hard for a good weather. God is good to give us one fine weather although we know that it is monsoon season in the island.

Getting there though wasn't smooth at all. We took a private car crossing boarders of Singapore and Malaysia then a ferry to the island itself. That ride was probably the most terrifying, weakening and dizziest ferry ride of our lives — or at least for me, it was. The waves were literally so wild that it caused seasickness to almost all the passengers. I was actually puking all through out the ride. Thankfully, I immediately recovered once I got off the ferry.

I really didn't expected much out of this trip. All I really wanted was to get out of town and go some place new. Despite all that has happened (a terrifying ferry ride to the island, walking under the rain with our gadgets at hand, not being able to surf, me slipping in a mud while trailing down the falls, getting stuck in the ferry while on our way back, long lines at the immigration which we already expected), I am still glad on how things had turned out especially on the part where I got disconnected from the world. Yes, digital detox for almost three days that is.

There are always the firsts, right? Just as what others say - "Adventure will hurt you but monotony will kill you."

Tioman Island's sand wasn't as white as that of Boracay. But still, it could make a good long walk along the beach. What I like the most was the wide shoreline from the resorts.

Silent contemplation and a much needed long walk on the beach - perfect combination. ❤︎

When I got tired of walking along the beach, I sat on a rock and saw these two lovebirds admiring the sea view.

We stayed at Juara Beach Resort which is located on the other side of the island. It was 15-20 minute ride from the port crossing a zigzag road along the mountains and forest of Pulau Tioman.

Since our resort was located far from the restaurants, we had no other choice but to rent a bike. Although it was a real struggle for me, I actually had fun. My biking skills were enhanced a bit. Lol 

FACT: I am not a good biker and most of my friends know that - I don't know how to bike. When I was a child, I had my knee wounded while my Tita was teaching me. It wasn't until a few years ago that I finally learnt how to bike. What a shame. 

Cindy was like trying to say here: "Teh, marunong ka ba talaga mag-bike?" 😆

We really wanted to stay at this resort as the cool hip vibes were really so inviting. But as per Agoda booking, there were no longer available rooms. When I talked to the caretaker, she said there were still rooms and we should've contacted them through their Facebook page. 

Because I will always be the perpetual third wheel. Hahahaha

The sea got a little calmer (or so we thought) on our 2nd day, so we went snorkelling where I almost died. Haha 

The currents were strong that I didn't notice how I was already moving away from the boat. And knowing that I don't know how to swim, I had a hard time going back to the boat. Thank God for my friends, they rescued me and that's how the most nakakahiya part of that trip happened. :)

We had to traversed this rocky side of the beach to go back to our resort. These photos were taken minutes before the strong rain got us soaking wet along with all our gadgets. 😆  It left me asking though, when was the last time I bathe in the rain? Probably, years ago. 

While everyone was waiting for the food, I went outside and saw this boy. He was catching small fishes using a bingwit and I was amazed on how good he was. I just stood there for a good few minutes admiring his skills. 

The port where we alighted. 

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