Sagada in a Heartbeat

by - January 22, 2017

"If it scares you, then you should probably do it."

And I'm glad I did.

During my two weeks of holiday at home back in PH, I didn't had any plans. All I wanted was to stay at home, rest and annoy my nephew and niece. But somehow, I realized I have to be somewhere else other than home. The problem is, I don't know where. I initially thought of La Union but something was not right. Then it just hit me. Ok, I will go to Sagada.

I knew I had to do something for the first time. I had to tick off an item from my bucket list. All my family and friends were asking, "Who are you going with?" and I proudly answer them, "I'm going alone." NO ONE believed me (I guess Mama did but was still hesitant to let me go.) From the literal sense of the word, none of my friends and family believed that I am going alone. They all thought I am going to meet someone there or going with my boyfriend which by the way, is non-existent.

So without much of a plan, I packed my bag and just go. It was like I catapulted myself into another world. Where do broken hearts go nga ba? I may not know because I am sure I am not.

Sometimes, spontaneity and travel could go hand in hand. And this trip is a clear proof of that.

I wish my photos could give justice to the beauty that of Sagada.

Braved the travel from South to North Luzon, from Batangas-Manila-Baguio-Sagada. It was a gruelling almost 16 hours of travel. Got lost but found the right way, then it was my first time being in Baguio - those were all part of the adventure.

It still amazes me how people in the mountains were able to come up with this idea of rice terraces. 

On my first day, I went spelunking in Sumaging Cave. 

The mouth of Sumaging cave was like an entrance into a dark abyss. I felt scarily excited just by seeing it. My feet was initially shaking as I trail down, I didn't what to expect. It was a complete total darkness once you're inside the cave.

After trailing down the slippery bat-poop-covered cliff, we were welcomed by some iced-cold, clear pools of water and different rock formations. (This one was a dinosaur right footprint daw, hindi lang halata. 😆)

The Royal curtains as they say

We had to use a lamp inside the cave.

Two hours of spelunking and I finally saw daylight. I have never been so happy 😆 

Church of St. Mary the Virgin

Sagada Hanging Coffins has so much rich history to tell. What fascinated me the most is that although some of the coffins are relatively small, it houses a fully grown elder. Their bodies assume a "fetal" position because Igorot tribe believes that the souls should leave the same way they entered.

When I got back home, my friends were asking me, "Did you scream?" I said no, but yes, I actually did. But not the kind of scream that Angelica Panganiban did in that movie "That Thing Called Tadhana". I just wanted to try if the place Echo Valley lives up to it's name. Lol :P

Long before this trip, I didn't know trekking could actually be fun and exciting.

Chilly afternoons are the best.

 The muddy path up to Marlboro Country.

Sunset at Lake Danum.

Our tour guide Kuya Mario who has his own Geographical facts about Sagada and Luzon. Lol
Shout out to the new friends I met along the way. We were all soloistas just wanting to explore Sagada. They have made the trip more fun and exciting as it already is.

Going back to Batangas from Sagada took me almost 19 hours of travel. My body may have been exhausted from the commute but my mind was full of all the new stories I got. It was indeed tiring but nevertheless and above all else, it was fulfilling and and gratifying.

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