Korea Cherry Blossoms Festival

by - June 29, 2016

Truth be told, I wasn't very much fascinated with cherry blossoms before our Korea trip. Actually, I only learnt that it is called Sakura two weeks prior the trip. To me, those were just pink flowers growing from a tree.

I already saw cherry blossoms in Singapore's Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome so it wasn't my first time to saw them in Korea. But the 'feels' were much more very different when I encounter them out in the open. (Flower Dome is an enclosed air conditioned conservatory.)

And then we went to Korea. When I saw the Sakura tree more intimately in Seoul, I was stunned and amazed by its splendour. I was wrong. It isn't just an ordinary pink flower, it is not just a simple tree.
Before the trip, we did our research on where to see the cherry blossoms best. Although we were a bit hesitant because of the 4-hour bus ride away from the city, we resolved going to Jinhae District in Masan City as they holds the largest Cherry Blossom Festival in Korea.

How to go to Jinhae District

Unfortunately, there is no online booking or online reservation for the bus tickets. We even asked our hotel receptionist to help us call the bus station. She was advise that since we are foreigners, we have to but tickets ourselves at the station.

We wanted the earliest  possible trip (7:30 AM) so we took the luxury bus which costed us 30,500Won (40SGD/1220Php). The normal ticket price is 20,500Won (25SGD/820Php). The bus left at exactly 7:30AM and we arrive in Masan City at 11:30AM. We immediately bought our return ticket to Seoul which costed us another 30,500Won.

From the bus terminal, we took another bus going to Jinhae District. Luckily, we met this couple who showed us the right directions going to the festival.

We certainly made the right decision going to Jinhae as we were welcomed by an endless canopy of Sakura trees blossoming in the entire city. We were all in awe of how beautiful the city was. Cherry blossom petals were scattered along the streets. So enjoy our photos here! :)

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival was indeed the perfect place to experience the elusive beauty of Sakura trees. Every spot was so picturesque. It was all so worthy of the long bus ride to and fro the city. Hopefully, I can come back there with the Cherry Blossom in full bloom.

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