The Indochina Tour

by - April 16, 2016

It was one of those stressful days when we decided to book our tickets to this very spontaneous trip. It would be CNY holidays and we've nothing to do in the city so without any research or whatsoever, we thought of doing a tri-city Indochina tour for 4 days - from Singapore to Vietnam to Cambodia to Thailand and back to Singapore.

But then, a month before the trip, we realized, it was almost impossible for us to explore each city as travel time would take hours and hours. Despite the time constraints, we were able to make a decent itinerary. See below!

As you can see, Ho Chi Minh was our starting point from Singapore. We arrived there around 10:00AM and ate lunch.
Vietnamese food mainly consists of green vegetables.
Word of caution when in Ho Chi Minh: streets are not very pedestrian-friendly. You should really be very careful when crossing the streets especially since their main form of transportation are motorcycles. We were actually close to having an accident and people there are not

When we were looking for the bus terminal, we passed by the flower festival. There were different kinds of flowers everywhere and they were all so pretty!!

Honestly, it's like almost two days of the trip were spent on transporting from one place to another. But nevertheless, it was still fun and not bad as our first backpack trip. Haha! See the stories on the below links. :)

Bangkok, Thailand
Siem Reap, Cambodia

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