Quarter Life Birthday - A Letter to Self

by - April 15, 2016

Hello Raine,

Happy Quarter Life Birthday!

Today is a milestone. And like what others may have perceive it, you are an adult so feel comfort in knowing that even though some things don't go the way you want them to, you have come out strong and resilient. I am so proud to what you have become, to what you have reached.

God has been so good to you for the past two decades and a half. Your life was indeed full of blessings. Continue to dream of wondrous things.

Stop loathing. Stop self-pitying. There is so much more to see. You are very blessed to be in that dark little self-made corner of yours. Go out. See the world. Make friends. Smile a lot. Be cheerful.
Please know that there are still a lot of things to see, people to meet, places to visit, books to read, music to listen, adventures to try, silly things to laugh about, kisses and hugs to give, kindness to share. Life is short to mope in the corner and get sad for nothing. Know that you are loved and valued by many, especially your family. Surround yourself with positivity. Hope for the best.

Again, happy birthday. Continue to make your life a story worth telling. See the world with your stained-glass eyes, with your inquisitive heart. And believe me when I say, much better days are coming.

Let's go carpe diem each and every day of this year. Happy Birthday. xx

With much love and for love,
Your 25-year old self

Officially 25 and on my happy place!

Disclaimer: I wrote this a week before my birthday and didn’t got the time to post it until mid April

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