Dis/Enchanting Story

by - December 09, 2015

It was a dreadful rainy night that kept me stranded at that old stinky mall. After two hours of waiting, much to my dismay, I decided to take the train and delay my plan.

I can’t exactly recapture where I first saw him. If my memory serves me well, it was on that train platform track. He was wearing that dark-blue team jacket, the one thing I would want to wear for him. He looked so bare, simple and relax, despite the night sky’s heavy downpour.

I lost track of him in the train. The next thing I knew, he exited at the building’s elevator the same time I alighted from the other lift. We probably had ridden the same bus to the office, I would never know. Then our eyes met for an instant… and that was the longest split second I could remember. Regrettably, I shyly looked away. I should have thrown you a smile. Or I should have introduced myself. I was in the momentum of my enchantment that I have forgotten how it should be.

But nevertheless, I thank you for at least looking at my way. I would never forget that shy look on your face and it was a nice sight to start my day.

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