36 Hours in Malacca, Malaysia

by - October 13, 2015

When I learned that Malacca is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, I decided that this would be the place for my first solo travel (The whole experience shared on this post!). It somehow reminds me of Macau, except for the weather of course.

Malacca or Melaka in Malay is considered as the "Historic State" of Malaysia, located on the west coast of the peninsula. The tourism mostly centres on its unique history and culture due to the previous colonizations from different races such as Portuguese, Dutch and British.

(Please excuse the bad quality of the photos as it was very hazy that day and I didn't had a good camera with me.)

The Heritage Trail

After dropping my bags at the hotel, I headed into the town square and started the heritage trail. First things first, grab a map at the Tourist Information Office. It's being given to the tourists for free, just ask the receptionist and they'd be very glad to help.

Across the Tourist Information Office is the what they call the Dutch Square. It could be distinguished by a group of bright, terracotta-red colonial Dutch buildings built between 1660 and 1700.

Dutch Square

Located in the Dutch Square is Malaysia's oldest Protestant Church, the Christ Church Melaka which was built in 1753.

Inside Christ Church Melaka

Near the Christ Church Melaka is the Stadthuys which means City Hall in Dutch. It is also called the Red Square as it boasts an antique fountain right in front of it. Stadthuys was built in the 1650s to serve as the Governor's residence. Nowadays, it is considered as Malacca's premiere museum since it houses the History and Etnography Museum.

And of course, who wouldn't notice these colorful trishaws right on the Dutch Square! They offer a tour around the town for a very affordable price. Another thing, most has blasting party music that will make the experience more fun. Though, I opted to walk than ride in a trishaw.

Manila porcelain inside Stadthuys

Continuing the trail is the hike up to St. Paul's Hill where the St. Paul Church was built in 1521. Only the ruins of the church and lighthouse remains. A statue of St. Francis Xavier stands in front of the church.

St. Francis Xavier's statue at St. Paul's Hill

View of the Stadthuys from St. Paul's Hill. Hazy day is hazy.
Going down from the St. Paul's Hill is a string of museums and heritage buildings.

Even the sun was struggling to shine due to the haze.

The steep set of stairs from St. Paul's Hill

Another museum worth visiting is the Melaka Sultanate Palace. The wooden building is only a replica of the 15th century palace of the Sultan of Malacca. It displays the history of the ancient Malay Kingdom. Entrance is 10MYR per adult.
Way to Melaka Sultanate Palace
Melaka Sultanate Palace

Right in the front of Melaka Sultanate Palace is this beautiful garden which is said to be forbidden as the princesses were not allowed to play inside the garden.

At the end of the Sultanate Palace is the Dutch Graveyard. However, the cemetery only houses 5 graveyards.

Dutch Graveyard

Proclamation of Independence Memorial
There were still a lot of museums to see but I wasn't able to go as I was already exhausted 
and hungry. I went back to the Red Square passing along the Melaka River.

Jonker Street Walk

I went straight to Jonker Street to get some food. Jonker Street was once famous for its antique shops. But nowadays, it is one of Malacca's famous tourist spot due to the range of cafes, bars and restaurants that offers a wide range of cuisines.

Every Fridays and Saturdays, Jonker Walk has a night market that sells everything from tasty treats to cheap souvenirs. I was there a little early so I opted to dine at Geographer's Cafe - a corner lot pub that sells Malaccan food.

Jonker's Special Fried Rice

Curry Fishball - tried this and it was super duper spicy!
Chocolate coated fruits
Radish Cake
Grilled Squids or what they call Sotong locally
Fried oysters!
I'm not sure what they call this. Lol
Sotong!! Though I was secretly craving for isaw instead of this. :(

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