Paradise of Palawan: Ugong Rock Adventures

by - September 19, 2014

From Puerto Princesa City, a 2-3 hour travel is needed to reach Sabang wharf, then another 30-45 minutes boat travel to the PPS Subterranean National Park itself. We woke up early for breakfast and preparation, then we were picked up by 7:30AM. The trip made me quite dizzy because of the zigzag road but along the way, we enjoyed Palawan's scenery - lush green forests, panoramic view of mountains, magnificent rock formation among others.

Since we were a little early for our schedule, we went on a side trip to Ugong Rock Adventures located at Brgy. Tagabinet, Northern part of Puerto Princesa.

We had to pay 450php per person where we did trekking, spelunking and zip line. Beforehand, a brief introduction was conducted by a community member but I barely remember what he said due to my excitement. :) Then for safety purposes, gloves and helmets were provided and a dedicated tour guide for our group.

Along the trek, the tour guide explained some geological information about Ugong Rock. According to him, Ugong Rock is a million-year old limestone rock formation that's taken its name from the echoing sound of the rocks produced when tapped. (Ugong in Filipino literally means buzz or hum.)

To reach the top of Ugong Rock, we had to go through narrow passages and climb up steep rocks. We even had to crawl or stoop down through the holes, under a stalactite or side step on a wall rock.

Entrance to the cave

Visiting a cave like this also means using your imagination and interpreting the rock formations - from a vulture to lion's head to a dragon. There's actually a lot that the tour guide had them memorized. What dazed me the most were the stalactites or dripstones shining and shimmering like they were wanting to be noticed. Visitors are not allowed to touch them though.

After trekking and clambering in the cave, here comes the hardest part of spelunking! We had to climb through a 12-foot vertical rock that requires rapelling and a lot of muscle efforts. Luckily, there was a harness and the community members was there to help us up.

We were all sweaty and gasping for air upon reaching the top. Good thing there were benches for us to sit down and rest. Then we had to climb a steep ladder to finally reach the peak. Ha! Finally.

Atop, we were astounded by the astonishing view of lush green scenery that made all the sweat and expenditure worth it. In addition was the cold wind that easily refreshed our worn out bodies that have not long experienced an exercise.

To go back to the starting point, one has two options - first is to do all that spelunking and trekking again OR scream at the top of your lungs while doing their zip line boasted to be the fastest in the country. Of course, we chose the latter!

I've tried quite a few zip lines and I can't distinguish if this is indeed the fastest. Nonetheless, it was so much fun and exhilarating plus they make sure that you are really safe with all that harness on.

Ugong Rock Adventures is really a must-try, exceptionally deserving of its price. Then we proceeded to Sabang wharf for our Underground River tour. More exciting events were yet to unleash!

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