Paradise of Palawan: Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour

by - September 18, 2014

On our second day in Palawan, we toured on the very famous Honda Bay - located 12 km northeastward of Puerto Princesa City.

Honda Bay is a cluster of islands and islets surrounding the eastern part of Palawan. I think this is the group of Islands that stunned me when we were on the plane. I was even more astonished when I experienced its fine white sand, cool water and magnificent underwater world.

Our call that day time was 7:15 AM so we had to wake up at 5:00 AM to prepare and eat breakfast. This time we joined a different group of people and I must say, they were our favorite ones. They were a Filipino-British family having a balik-bayan vacation in the country. They sound so fun and amusing when they talk because of their British accent and trying-hard Tagalog talk. We should have taken a photo with them but, we were all too busy enjoying the tour.

From PPS city, it took us more than 30 minutes ride to Sta. Lourdes Wharf, where pump boats can be hired and snorkel vessel can be rented for 150php each.
Our first stop was the Pambato Reef, a snorkeling spot for tourists in the middle of the open ocean. You wouldn’t wanna miss it as this showcases different types of corals, clams and thousands of fishes. They say it is called the “Mini Tubataha Reef” as it is very near the National Marine Park itself. Take note that they are very strict on wearing life vests even though you’re a good swimmer.


Photo taken by our tour guide from the ocean ground. I envy how they are really good at swimming!


No decent underwater photos though. 

Next was the Luli Island. Its name was derived from "Lulubog-Lilitaw" meaning floating and sinking because the island is only visible during low tide and sinks when it’s high tide. There are only cabanas and cottages around, no private resort of some sort, so it was kept pristine 
and clean.


This was the part that I enjoyed the most, fish feeding while snorkeling. I didn’t actually care if I was too exposed on the burning sun-heat. I love how the fishes rivaled from each other just to get the food, and oh, they finish it quickly.

Luli Island’s shoreline which disappears during high tide.

Another cool thing was that the tour guide knows how to take us perspective photos. They actually have props for these! But some failed though. Ha-ha

Enlarged starfish!


But others actually failed. Ha-ha


Then we had had a very sumptuous seafood lunch at Luli island, especially prepared by our boat man.

The last and final island was the Cowrie island. By this time we were quite tired and exhausted already. Maybe because of the scorching heat of summer so we just took some rest and a little nap there. The sea, sun and sand view is very relaxing to the eye. Though it was very hot, the picturesque site will give you a calming feeling. It was really an amazing island.



We immediately went back to the city after staying there for almost two hours. The others were in a hurry as they need to catch a flight back to Manila.

Later that night we dined in at Ka Lui Restaurant. We've read about Ka Lui when we were preparing our Puerto Princesa - El Nido itinerary and it definitely fell into our must-eat places. Lucky for us, our hotel's receptionist made us a reservation at the restaurant because if not, we would have not probably experienced this native and astounding place. They are almost always jam packed with customers and tourists, especially during dinner time, so if you don't have reservations, call them first to ask if there are still available tables.
From our hotel, we rode a tricycle which was only 5-6 minutes away. Just from the outside, you can feel the native Filipino ambience.


We were welcomed by friendly staff. The restaurant's rule is that everyone should remove their footwear and put it on their locker otherwise you cannot enter the restaurant.
Bare footing on the wooden floor, we were greeted by low-sitting tables, paintings, artsy stuff, warm lighting, easy breeze among other staggering things. Very Filipino!



And of course, adding to its great atmosphere are they delicious and delectable food!



We don't usually eat seaweeds, but theirs are so fresh that we weren't able  to resist!
The price is a little bit expensive, but all worth it for a great food, homely atmosphere and artsy place! What a way to end our second day at Palawan.

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