Monochromatic & Kaleidoscopic

by - September 10, 2015

When I started this blog months ago, I told myself that I won't post anything (too) personal here. Besides, I have this 'secret' blog/site where I vent all my dramas and let my alter ego be whoever s/he want to be. Now, that's not much of a secret anymore.

But somehow, I changed my mind. Why not, right? The subtle fact of not giving a damn would be perfect for this comeback post after a very long hiatus.

Writing this in the middle of the night, when all I can hear is the hissing sound of the air conditioner and when my brain won't let me sleep, but rather think of all the non-sensical random things there is. I have been living/working in Singapore for two months now, trying to avoid a monochromatic, routinary life (wow, seryoso, 2 months pa lang??). Still the same independent life I have in Manila – do my laundry, struggle for what to eat every meal, do grocery shopping, organize and mess up my things, make my bed, budget (or not) my money. I still take the bus to and forth the office.

I'm not actually sure where this post is leading into. I have way too many unfinished writings on my drafts page so allow me to put this into its end state.

So good night love, may your dreams be filled with all the possibly beautiful things one can ever dream of.

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