Bataan Weekend With The Baes

by - June 30, 2015

I have mentioned on my previous post that it has somehow become a 'tradition' of our barkada to have an annual summer getaway. But unfortunately this year, we didn't have a chance to continue that 'tradition'. Being the frequent organizer of our group, plans were made, but everyone was so freaking busy. Our schedules just didn't meet and time is of a constraint. The peak of summer season had passed and rains are starting to say hello.

Thankfully last weekend (June 20-21), it finally went through. Yay! I was actually a little desperate to make it happen just before me and Cindy leaves for SG. Anyway, our supposed group of 11 went down to 6. It was only us, the girls, who were able to make it. The guys ditched us (you know who you are, you guys owe us! Ha-ha).

So thinking of it as a blessing in disguise, the usual barkada outing became an all-girl weekend escape. Yass! So we drove all the way to Sinagtala Farm Resort at Orani, Bataan without much preparation. Ha-ha! No itinerary or whatsoever, only a room reservation and a few grocery items.

I have never heard of Sinagtala before and it was actually my friend's suggestion to go there. I read a little about it on other blogs and from what I saw, the place was very scenic and relaxing. However, we were surprised at how secluded and unfrequented it was. We had to drive a little more than 8km from the highway on a steep road. Nevertheless, the place was worth the long drive. It is literally a farm or like a ranch with seas of green with plants and trees all around.

When it's time for dinner, that's when we realized the things we were lacking. Haha! No ice, knife, matches, Sprite for the vodka, pitcher, etc. Ganda lang kasi ang dinala! Lol Good thing there was a rice cooker and a griller that the caretaker let us used. Even so, my friends had to drive outside to buy other stuff. It was raining and the surrounding was really dark as there were no street lights. A little creepy, yes, but we were able to manage it altogether.

Although it was pretty much raining during our whole stay, it didn't stop us from taking a lot of photos and enjoying the company of each other. Kami pa ba? Ha-ha There are really a lot great spots for photo op especially the infinity pool. Though the view would have been better if not for the cloudy sky. We were swimming while it was raining. Lol

I think I must say we literally had a retreat. And I have to say this, we're really proud of ourselves as we were able to pull off this outing successfully. Ha-ha! It was indeed a great and relaxing weekend escape.

Tanawin - this is the villa where we stayed. We rented one room good enough for 6 people and the place was actually spacious.

Go-pro situations right here. Lol.

  "We can have more than one soulmate in life. She's my soulmate in a best friend kind of way 💕" -  Photo captioned by Cindy. 😍

Nights that turned into mornings are the best. ☺️

"Kelangan ko na masanay na wala ka Cindy 😂" - photo captioned by Jhen.

And oh, did I mention that they have a very sporadic network signal? Talk about having a retreat and digital detox! Ha-ha

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