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by - February 16, 2015

WARNING: This is gonna be quite a long post that will scream with colors, shades and happiness. Aha, you've been warned. :)

I finally got the time to do this looooong overdue post. The hardest part on doing this was choosing on what pictures to share. I must say, I took a gazillion of photos. Haha! But who wouldn't be, I was on the happiest place on Earth filling my heart with Disney's magic star dust. :)

While I was planning this trip, I almost always got excited even by just the mere thought of going to Disneyland. I grew up reading and watching Disney stories. I used to have those big books and VHS tapes at home that I could watch over and over again. Lol Old school pa nuon. :)

So finally, I, Lorraine Angelique Tiglao, 23 years of age, made my childhood dream came true of visiting the magical place of Disneyland.

We took the MTR going to Disneyland and I was surprised to see the Disney train with Mickey Mouse windows and handles. Such a cutiee!

Serves as entrance to the park, Main Street, U.S.A. surrounded with American-like townhouses and exteriors.

It was the start of the holiday season during our visit, so there was this BIG Christmas tree in the middle and operatic singers singing Christmas songs. So lovely!

Cinderella carousel!

Mad Hatter's tea cups.

The four Disney princesses!! True Story: I was a bit teary eyed while I was watching this four. It was so surreal, childhood dream come true. I told myself, "Wow. I'm really in Disneyland."

"It's A Small World" from the outside. I totally don't had an idea what the ride was about but there were a lot of people lining inside, that's why we try. Lol

Turns out, It's A Small World is a whimsical boat ride that features more than 300 brightly-costumed dolls that sing It's A Small World in many different languages. There were Filipinina dolls singing "Oh kay liit ng mundo."  They were all but cute!

Teehee! Mama and I got a new friend in the name of Minnie Mouse. :) (We waited in the line for about 30-40 minutes just to get this picture done. Definitely worth the time though :) 

A candid shot! Though it doesn't look like one but seriously this is a candid shot. Haha!

View from Tarzan's treehouse. It didn't feel like I'm still on Disneyland :)

Since I'm with Mama, we weren't able to try the thrilling rides especially that of located at Grizzly Gulch.

The Mystic Manor mansion house! I thought this is a haunted house, sadly it wasn't. Lol

The latest addition to the theme park is the Toy Story land with big Woody right there! It resembles more of a local carnival where everything were so festive.

Mickey Mouse during Paint the Night parade.

Ariel, the Little Mermaid right here, blowing kisses to the audience.

What better way to end the night than a spectacular display of fireworks? Though it got really cold during that night, we waited under the pouring chilly weather just to watch the fireworks display. The lights were bursting high above the Sleeping Beauty castle to the tune of some Disney music. After the show, I can't help but sing "Shining, Shimmering, Splendid". Lol

Crossing out an item from my bucket list could really be one of the most liberating things and visiting Disneyland took an item from that list. :) Even so, I made a promise to myself that I would definitely go back here to try those thrilling rides I missed. I seriously can't wait for that next time! :)

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