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by - January 21, 2015

When I told a friend that I am going to HK with my mom, the first thing he told me was that "You have to go to Nan Lian Garden! Your mom would really like it, it's so relaxing." So I did my research and made sure that it was included on our itinerary. He said it would be better to visit on a morning so that's what we did. :)

Located in the  midst of the modern residential district of Diamond Hill, Nan Lian Garden is a public park that occupies an area of 3.5 hectares. It is mostly maintained by the Hongkong government so the entrance is free! They say the garden was structured following the Tang style principle.
This tea house located in the middle of the pond is called Song Cha Xie.

The main entrance to the garden was this classic and elegant wooden archway gate decorated with lotus, patterns of the sun, moon and clouds.

Lush greenery is everywhere and it's really, really relaxing even by just looking at it. And the place was so quiet and peaceful, mahihiya ka talaga pag nag-ingay ka. Lol

I was really amazed to see this. Imagine a serene garden like this with a backdrop of skyscrapers. Ancient meets modern. Another juxtaposition.

Situated in the center of the park was this timber structure called Pavilion of Absolute Perfection. Too sad it was under construction. :(

The artificial waterfall houses the Chi Lin restaurant that serves vegetarian dishes.
In addition to the breath-taking views, a Rockery museum was also built inside Nan Lian that exhibits indoor display of rocks taken from some ancient pond. And take note, entrance is also for free!

At first I thought it wasn't allowed to sit on any of the rocks, but the sign actually says "No scratching" instead of "No sitting". Lol

Adjacent to the public garden is the Chi Lin Nunnery, a large Buddhist temple complex which was also built according to the Tang principle. It also includes a series of small temples, garden and lotus ponds.  Inside the temple, you would hear and see people worshipping to this large, golden Buddha relics.

Strange Fact: When we were strolling around the place, a Chinese security guard approached us (in a very nice way) and showed us this mini pamphlet. The picture shows that using a monopod was prohibited in the area but taking pictures with phone and cameras is allowed. (He doesn't speak English.) I find it very weird though. Lol
On our way out, we saw these group of elderly with their caregivers (I think) waiting outside for their turn to stroll the park. Aren't they so cute? :)

Anyway, I think Mama did really like Nan Lian Garden. (Because she kept on saying "Ang ganda dito." Lol) We almost forgot that we are in the middle of an urban city. It felt like every corner, every structure, every hill, rocks, body of water, plant were built according to some Chinese principle. And seriously, it really is so relaxing and tranquil. You won't hear the city noise hustle and bustle inside the park. Worth a visit and admission is for free.

How to go to Nan Lian Garden

Ride the MTR and get off at Diamond Hill station via the Kwun Tung Line. Then exit at C2 (Plaza Hollywood). On the right side are tourist directions signs ponting to Nan Lian Garden and Chi Lin Nunnery. In less than ten-minute walk, you'll be there with no hassle.

60 Fung Tak Road, Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hongkong
Admission is for free
Open from 7:00 AM to 9:00PM daily

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