How Wrong is Wrong Ramen?

by - November 28, 2014

Earlier this month, I had the chance to finally try Wrong Ramen at Burgos Circle, BGC. It was a late weekday night so there were only a few people dining in. From what I heard, the place gets cramp during the day considering that it was just a small restaurant.

Unlike the usual ramen places, Wrong Ramen do it the opposite way. Their menu was quite interesting as almost everything has a twist on it. The tables have this removable dividers for the solo diners. Their display pictures and posters also caught my attention as they were playfully thought and has sarcasm on it. I wish I could have take more pictures though.

Is it better to do Wrong Ramen right or Right Ramen wrong?
The only thing hotter than our ramen in YOU.


Since I craved for seafoods that night, I ordered their Sea Men Ramen, not one of their best sellers though.

Sea Men Ramen Php 345.00 - We hope you get the joke: Clams, squid and shrimp in a light, clear seafood broth.
Honestly, I didn't get the joke at first, all I know is that it's a seafood ramen. So I did my research and finally get that dirty little joke. Lol. But no, I'm not gonna tell here what exactly was it.

Anyway, as what the menu says, the clam-based soup of Sea Men Ramen was only light and it tasted a little bland, I think. It was filled with seafoods though, and the noodles were tender enough to eat. A bit of spice on the soup would go a long way.
My colleague ordered Tantanmen because it was what the crew recommended when we asked for their best sellers.

Tantanmen Php395.00 - You're gonna ask for it anyway: A bold sesame broth with ground pork and shredded chashu.
Of course, I had a taste of it and it's the one I enjoyed the most. The broth was only mild spicy and very flavorful, no need for additional spices!

Another order that we got was the FU Ramen and it was deliciously soooo good! It had egg, bacon and black pepper spam - breakfast in a ramen way!

FU Ramen, Php425 - Your breakfast in liquid form: Black pepper spam, three strips of crispy bacon, melted cheese and a crispy fried egg in a black pepper and garlic broth.

As for the side dish, we ordered their Chashu Rice Rolls. I'm a lover of all things veggies so I loved this one. It greatly complimented the Ponzu sauce as the dipping.

Chashu Rice Rolls, Php180 - Shredded chashu rolled in Vietnamese wrappers. Served with Ponzu sauce.
So how wrong is wrong ramen? You gotta find it yourself. Head out to Burgos Circle and discover this locally conceptualized ramen house now!

Wrong Ramen
Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
+632 823 8249

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