Things to do In Negros Occidental

by - March 19, 2018

What do you do when it is Mother Nature who gets in the way of your travel plans? When weather won't just let you follow the itinerary you did weeks of planning? When you already set your mind to a sunny beach escape, but then the sky just kept on pouring? I say, you go on. You continue, and still find ways to enjoy.

That is exactly what we did during our three day trip in Negros province last February. The original plan was to tour around Bacolod for a day, go to Guimaras the next day and finally explore Iloilo on our last day. However Philippine weather did not permitted us to go as planned. We had to stay in Bacolod for three days as the boat trips were cancelled due to a typhoon. But when you are a free-spirited person like us, the you won't let the weather get in your way. So here on this post, let me share the things that we did in Negros Occidental.

1. Step back into the past and explore ancestral houses, museums, and of course, The Ruins.

The Ruins, located in Talisay, is tagged as the Taj Mahal of the Philippines. A definite reminder of the Philippines' noble past and a story of an undying love.


Balay ni Tana Dicang. An ancestral home of Lizares family built in 1872. Considering it is already more than a hundred years old, the house was really well preserved and ancient furnitures were indeed authentic.

2. Visit the mountain resorts.

Mambukal Resort at Murcia Negros Occidental

An almost two hour commute from Bacolod City, Mambukal Resort is best known for its seven-tier waterfalls and natural hot springs. The water source comes from the direct volcanic activity of Mt. Kanla-On. The temperature was actually closed to boiling. But, is very relaxing and soothing.

We also tried hiking into their famous severn waterfall. The climb is a bit treacherous and steep but there are already pre-defined routes along the way. Since we're already a behind schedule, we only got until the 4th waterfalls. Still not bad, considering how unprepared we are.

How to go to Mambukal Resort:

Take a jeep going to Libertad and ask the driver to drop you off at the bus station going to Mambukal. I think it's in front of Puregold or Savemore. From there, take a cool bus going to Murcia municipality. It'll be the last stop of the bus. 

Campouestohan Highland Resort at Talisay City, Negros Occidental

A five-hectare highland resort with an amazing view of Mt. Makawili and Negros Occidental. Some people say, it's tagged as the New Zealalnd of Bacolod standing 800-m above sea level. True enough, even gawking at the beautiful view of the city and mountains are already relaxing. 

We had quite an adventure going here. From Mambukal Resort, we rented a motorbike and went through a two hour trip under a sweltering summer sun, without any helmets. It was quite fun, and exciting. Although, I was holding on to the hand rail like I'm holding on to my dear life. (Not really a fun of motorbikes here)

How to go to Campuestohan Highland Resort

If you're not planning on taking a motorbike from Mambukal, then they actually have shuttle services to and from the city. Check their website for the pricing and schedule.

3. And of course, food trip. 

Apparently I wasn't able to take a lot of photos. Just because, it was raining and also, priorities. (which is definitely food. No, not IG :) But here are some of the restaurants and cafe that we try. Most of which are located along Lacson Street. 

Manokan Country at Father M. Ferrero St.

What is Bacolod without Chicken Inasal, right? Right. This is a complex of stalls that serves Bacolod's most well-known—chicken inasal. We met a fellow tourist a nearby church and he recommended Nena's. I initially thought it was just one restaurant, but it turns out that you'll be surprised to have a lot of choices. 

AND BOY, they did not disappoint. After our lunch at Manokan County, chicken inasal has become the recurring food during our entire trip. It has its one of a kind taste that don't usually comes with normal chicken bbqs.

Calea's at Lourdes - C Bldg., Lacson Street, Bacolod City

When one needs a sugar rush whenever in Bacolod, go to Calea and you'll surely get your taste of sinful sweets. They have a dozen of choices to choose from. As my friend is a self-proclaimed dessert lover, this cafe was a must in our itinerary. There's a reason why Calea has become a household name in Bacolod. Their pastries and cakes are indeed mouthwatering.

21 Restaurant at 21 Lacson St, Bacolod

Undoubtedly one of the hot dining spots in Bacolod as it was quite crowded when walked in for dinner (or maybe it was just Valentine's day) They are best known for their batchoy, but unfortunately it was already sold out that day. (Damn you Valentine's day) Anyway, their food was good, but I think it's a little pricey. Buti na lang may pa-free cupcakes. Haha

Roli's Diner at Lopue’s East and Lopue’s Mandalagan

Best known for its napoleones, we also tried their pancit molo and batchoy. Their food was okay, nothing extraordinary but the napoelones are indeed gastronomically good. 


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