Songs to Listen on Repeat

by - September 11, 2015

I have an ethereal taste of music. At times, I tend to be mainstream and sometimes an old soul. I listen to music whenever I want - when I want to get myself in the mood, when I'm alone and just want to reflect or think, to compensate my bad day, whenever I need to focus on my work, when I don't want to deal with people or listen to their pessimism, whenever I want to be in another world, just whenever! It's kind of an escape, you know. The melodies take me to something into a more interesting and haunting universe. It can be mundane in a poetic way or something beautiful in the wonders of space.

They say you'll get to know a person better by looking into his/her playlist. So I am sharing one of my playlists here - some of the songs that I can listen on repeat! I'm not sure what this says about me. Be the judge. Enjoy!

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