Hello Stranger

by - September 10, 2015

Hello Stranger,

I know you, but you might not know me.

So let it be known that I liked you.
I liked you even from the littlest things I know of you.

The way you tuck your hair behind your ears.
The number of folds you do on your pants just so it will perfectly fit.
The dark, dimmed clothes you always wear.

I like your deafening silence when I am around.
But moreover the sound of your voice when I’m afar.
Those peculiar laughs that could only belong to you.
That almost always pale-skin-face of yours.
And the crease that forms when you flash your full smile.

Little do you know, but I liked you.

I like you from the three-second glances I secretly do.
Or your scenery from my peripheral view.
How you lost yourself while listening to your own music.
And the oddity you become when you make that bizarre harmony.

Most of all, I like you for not liking me..

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